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Introducing Dante Rossi, Award Winning International Aussie Male Performer, entertainer and actor.

Dante has many years’ experience in the entertainment and events industry.

Starting in his late teens and is still performing as one of the highest ranking entertainers in Australia and Europe (Italy).

Dante has worked with and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, toured Australia wide and in Italy, made numerous media promotion and appearances via “Television and Radio”.

Dante, a highly talented performer, who brings himself and his own essence on stage. His positive attitude to his career has him regarded as Australia’s premier male adult entertainer. Dante has grown through personal experience, he recognizes the needs and demands in a niche industry and providing a selection of alluring and enticing people, pleasing and talented dancers and hosts, Dante is a cut above the rest. Dante believes that the key to having a successful group is having individuals who have work ethic, passion and enjoy what you do. In the entertainment industry passion, presentation and professionalism is key.

Being a performer is more than image, it’s about perfecting their dance moves, researching new music for their choreographies being able to have input in some routines so we can own it. We have great customer service, fantastic customer satisfaction and feedback. These elements are crucial if one is to have a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Available exclusively only with “AUSSIE HUNKS AUSTRALIA” for your up coming event or party.

HEIGHT: 5’10




COSTUMES: Fireman, Cop, Mask of Zorro, Boxer, Elvis, Gangster, Construction Worker

AVAILABLE FOR: G-String Strip Tease / Tasteful Tame Strip Tease / Fullmonty Strip Show / Risque & Raunchy Strip Show / Nude Modelling – Life Drawing

What more could a girl want?

Rippling muscles, Magic Mike moves, lap dances and most of all  naked men. Furthermore our services can be fully tailored to meet your needs. For that reason we offer from the basics, male topless waiters to full male strippers packages. Even more we can assure you that your girlfriends will have an amazing and satisfying experience.

Finally Aussie Hunks Australia supplies the best Adelaide male strippers on offer. Above all our strippers are not at your party to just look good, but they also have the performance and moves to back it up. Our hunks most certainly will help to get all your girlfriends screaming and cheering throughout the show performance.

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