What you want to know about Male Strippers?

Male Strippers and Topless Waiters

Does the male strippers provide music and a speaker?

Yes, the male stripper will bring his own music and bluetooth speaker.

Can we take photos?

Please ask your male stripper if photography is fine with them before the booking starts. Each entertainer has their own policy regarding this.

Can we choose the male stripper?

Yes, you can make a request for your preferred male stripper. simply provide your top 5 requests, and we will confirm your booking and finalised the entertainer/s.

Can I touch the male strippers/topless waiters?

This is purely up to the discretion of the male stripper/topless waiter. If they let you touch them, or guide you hand, this is fine.
Never touch or grab a performer without asking. It’s just polite.

Do we need to have anything ready for the male stripper when he arrives?

Please have a room for the male stripper to change in before and after the show, a chair to use for the show, some relatively open space and a hazardous free environment. Please don’t smoke during the show, and make sure all pets and underage people are separated in a different room.

Can the topless waiter make us cocktails?

Yes the topless waiter can make and serve you drinks, however please remember they are not professional cocktail makers, so you will be required to provide them an ingredients listing. Please keep it simple for best results.

Can I change the booking details after I have already booked?

Yes you can the change the details, assuming the entertainer can accommodate your changes, if they cannot then we will endeavour to find a replacement.

I have men attending the party, is this ok?

We represent entertainers that are ok with men being present in the room, please let us know when making an enquiry, and we will let you know who these entertainers are.