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Let’s start off by saying that Melbourne’s Aussie Hunks are amazing. That’s exactly why you need to hire topless waiters for your next Melbourne party. Your food and drinks are going to be served by some of the hottest topless waiters. It’s a service that’s perfect for your hens’ nights, bachelorette parties or, actually, any celebration of your choice. Get the eye candy you need to make your night feel that much sweeter. We know for a fact that your guests won’t be able to get enough of this.

*The booking system will only allow you to book an available topless waiter.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no travel cost if the party is located in the city or metro area, outside of this will incur travel costs. 
They can providing you keep the cocktails simple and provide them with an ingredients list.

Prices start from $240.

You can pick either pants & bow tie, hotpants or cheeky butler (apron only) attire. 

Melbourne topless waiters

Is it getting hot in here? Yes, it is, thanks to Aussie Hunks!
Make your function sizzle and have all your guests smiling with waiters that serve them up a big glass of sexy. These guys are true professionals and promise to deliver high-quality services that will make your event run stress-free and seamlessly. What’s most fun is that you get to choose the hunky performers that you’d like to serve your guests. Just get in touch with us, sit back and relax while your waiters make everything sure everything falls into place.

Aussie Hunks hosts

Get wild. Get hot. Get sexy. That’s what we believe here at Aussie Hunks. Your party can feature an extra bit of entertainment that will be completely unforgettable with the topless waiters from Melbourne. These hotties aren’t just good-looking. They’re outgoing, attractive and come with experience. That’s how they’ll serve your guests like pros while keeping things super hot. These services are the dream for your bachelorette party, giving the bride-to-be the naughty send-off she deserves. Make those secret fantasies come true with some help from Aussie Hunks.

Hire Aussie Hunks for your party

Melbourne Topless Waiters

Your guests won’t stop talking about your party when you have Aussie hunks involved. That’s because we know exactly how to keep things sexy and sophisticated. Not only are the hunks oh so hot, but they’re also incredibly classy, charming and extremely entertaining. Hiring an Aussie Hunks topless waiter in Melbourne makes sure that your celebration has world-class entertainment. Get in touch with us to see our full range of hot guys and book a sexy Aussie Hunks stripper for your event. Trust us, your guests won’t be able to stop raving about your party.

Listing of all hunks profiles:
Zane / Fabio / Rhain / Dex / Luke / Lawrence / Cam / Pepi / Leo / Gianni / Dimi / G-Train / Troy / Sven /

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