The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Memorable Hen’s Party: Tips and Ideas

Hens Party Planning

The tradition of holding a hens party before a wedding has been around for much longer than we would have thought. Still, it has turned out to be a special event in every bride-to-be’s life she waits for. We know how overwhelming it can be to organise a hens party, so we have put up these planning ideas and tips to help you get started:


Before Planning Hens Party

Speak to the bride

Ask the bride whether she wants to go on a trip and if she has any special requirements. These questions will be helpful even though you probably want the celebrations to be a surprise.


Prepare a Guest List

Request an invitation list from the bride. If you neglected to invite someone she really wanted to be there or, worse yet, if you invited someone she did not want to be there, it would be not very comfortable, to say the least.


Talk of a Budget

Establish a rough budget in your mind. Consider what the group can afford; you do not want to alienate anyone struggling financially, but you also do not want to alter your plans because of a few people.



Start Planning

Pick a Place

You need to know where you are heading and what place or places you want to have your hens party, primarily. Has the bride given you a suggestion (or a specific site), and does she prefer a sunny area, a winter location, a city location, or a completely unexpected location?


Determine How Long You Will Stay

Next, you need to decide whether your trip will be a day trip, a one-night stand, a weekend celebration, or a weeklong party. This will assist you in reducing the number of events, nights out, meals, and other preparations you need to make. You can upgrade the bride’s special weekend by hiring a Hunky Topless waiter with the help of our crew.


Pick Your Activities

Every unforgettable hens party revolves around activities, so take advantage of this opportunity to plan something truly special.


Choose Your Hens Night

Are you spending a big night out or staying home (or a huge night both in and out)? Are you planning to eat in, order takeaway or cook? What about drinks before? Which bars welcome hen parties? There are more things to consider than you probably realised.


Your Accommodation of Choice

Stylish hotel or a home with a kitchenette? City flat or rural retreat? Swimming pool or hot tub? A rooftop deck or a home theatre? AussieHunks has everything you want, including the best range of hens parties to make it memorable for the bride.


Additional Tips

Make the Playlist

Make sure to put together a playlist of the bride’s favourite songs if you are staying in a self-catering property and enjoying a few drinks at home before going out. This will help everyone get in the party mood.


Games & Dares

Start the party off right with our NO COST games and challenges. The most played game on our site is still Mr and Mrs Questions, but we also have top-notch options, such as playing Hen Party Bingo or asking questions to see how well you know the bride.


Hens Party Themes

Setting a theme based hens party is a fantastic way to unite everyone and get them dressed to kill for the bride’s big celebration. The tiny details make the weekend special, whether you choose a colour theme, movie theme, horror theme, vintage theme, or anything else.