The Rise of Themed Hen’s Parties: Adding Male Stripper Themes to the Mix

Let’s understand the paradigm of a themed hens party by adding a male stripper to spice up the event and what we offer to make an occasion like this unforgettable throughout your lifetime. Male strippers are desired across the world, predominantly by women and by a handful of ratios which includes men too.

The bride’s family and friends generally host the hen’s party amidst wedding preparations to have fun, despite these parties being directly linked to being one of the eloquent events and quite hefty on the pockets yet over the past decade the concept of throwing hen’s party has changed quite drastically.


Hens Party in The Present Day

This one occasion is a major getaway for the bride and the people who are closely associated with her, it may across as the final calling for the bride before she gives away her singlehood to make the most of the night. Hiring male strippers for a hen party is the most conventional way of organising perhaps it only gets better when the party progresses dot by dot to reveal the mystery to the guest. What do these male strippers do for you? Taking you on a ride of your dreams like no other, beginning with slow and steady gestures and climaxing into the wildest moves one could ever ask for.


Why Male Strippers Are Needed for a Hens Party?

Male strippers are the life of a hens party, chiselled jaw, ripped-bodied and ideal-looking men teasing away and pleasing women while the night lasts are the ultimate dream of every bride and her girlfriends. Perhaps other added benefits come in handy when you hire a professional male stripper through us. What is the cherry on top to have an experience which lasts a lifetime in your memories?


Themed Hen Parties

Hen parties become super fun when followed by a theme, our male strippers can pull off almost all the popular themes such as tropical, 80’s themes or commonly known as retro themes or if you wish to get a hang of the world of Hollywood our professional strippers can take you to a ride and back in no time. A desired professional awaits your theme call to serve and please you and your friends throughout the night. You name it for us, we get it for you!

If you already have a theme in your mind, feel free to discuss it in person with us. We would be more than happy to serve you!



Get a Tailor-Made Hens Party Package for Your Next Bride-To-Be

Male stripping has now become quite mainstream, hence an experience of a lifetime someone should not miss at all costs, the advantage of hiring a male stripper through us enables you to reap the benefits of being able to tame your event as you want. It is our utmost priority to keep your hen’s party specifics confidential and provide you with professional, responsive, and very well-knitted trained staff at your service. No tall claims, only great service!

If one of your friends is finally taking a plunge to leave all the singles behind, this is your calling to bid adieu in the most memorable manner. A sexy lean waiter awaits to serve you at your hen’s party coupled with the ultimate professionalism and adequate facility you would wish to get.


Happy Hens Party

If you are planning a slightly more ‘refined’ party. A sexy topless waiter is a perfect way to add a touch of fun and friskiness to the occasion. However, our topless waiters deliver a professional and exciting service that will leave all your guests smiling. If you would prefer to raise the intensity a little higher, We at Aussie Hunks Australia are available to discuss with you to know specifics about your event and what you prefer to have at the gathering with your loved ones.